Friday 22nd, June

This year New Zealand celebrates 125 years of women’s suffrage.  The hui on Friday acknowledges the women who have been championing social change in our communities.  They will showcase programmes and interventions promoting inclusion and family well-being, and supporting positive settlement through cultural awareness, business enterprise, volunteering and technology.

Saturday 23rd, June

Huarahi Hou, a community led initiative founded on the strong belief that cultural contact between migrants and the receiving community will smooth the pathway to successful settlement.  Migrants and refugees who have chosen to call New Zealand home have long expressed a strong interest in learning about Maori and the foundations from which New Zealand has grown as a nation. Iwi and MNZ have responded in partnership by offering opportunities for migrants and refugees to experience marae-based living, learn from tangata whenua about the history of their marae and understand as newcomers where they fit within The Treaty of Waitangi.

Sunday 24th, June

EeMun Chen (MartinJenkins) holds an interactive workshop on a new way of working for Multicultural New Zealand – a review highlighting a number of strengths of the current structure, capacity and capability.

MNZ will be reviewing whether its organisational form and arrangements give best effect to the vision, strategy and work programme.

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